Business of Animal Husbandry and Meat Exporting

Animal husbandry is an ever popular business. India has a major market for this and Kerala the god’s own country has the major consumption of meat and the demand raises accordingly. In the report of Mathrubhumi newspaper dated Oct 30 2012, Dr T.P.Sethumadhavan presented an article about the vast business opportunity of Animal husbandry in our country.

Due to the high consumption of meat, Kerala has the greatest opportunity in their business. The successful factor lies on the availability of cattle. According to the latest survey, in India there are 185.5 million cattle, 97 million buffalo, 62 million sheep, 120million goats, 14 million pigs, and 425million chicken. This opens the vast door of employability even in village areas .This is a real blessings for the landless farmers and ladies who is in the field of farming.

According to the survey, by 2020 there will be an increase of 60% in the consumption of meat in foreign countries. In India annually 1.95 million cattle, 10.6 million sheep, 40.5 million goats, 4.2 million pigs are butchered for the purpose of meat. Kerala has the highest consumption of meat .

Literacy, social economic growth, awareness of nutrients etc leads to the high demand of meat in our country. Every year around 15,00,000 cattle are butchered for the purpose of meat in Kerala. This throws light to the great opportunity of this business in our country.

In the exporting of beef India retains the first position. Indian exported beef is known as carabeef. In the international market Indian beef is highly demanded as it is very soft meat .In India mostly veal is used and it is termed as healthy meat as the level of cholesterol is less. But in the other Asian countries fully grown up male buffaloes is butchered.Meat and meat products are exported from India to various countries like Malasia, Egypt, U.A.E., Thailand, Yemen, Japan, Southi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar.

Straggly cattle and the cattle who consume agricultural products are highly demanded as the level of Antibiotic and hormones are comparatively less in their flesh.

Highest risk factor in this field is the lack of proper facility. The boorish Abattoir, Unscientific meat processing, lack of proper refrigeration, lack of preserving facility are some of the major drawbacks of this venture.

Alan, Hind Agro, Kalkabeer are the major exporters of India. All rules and regulations have to be strictly followed from manufacturing to the delivery to the customers.

Godrej, Venkideshwara, Suguna are the topmost and leading companies in the chicken processing, sales and exporting in our country.

Central government is about to launch many projects to develop the business of Animal Husbandry and meat exporting. For this various development are planned under N.M.P.P.B. All these passes a ray of hope in the vast business opportunity of Animal Husbandry.

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