Commercial Goat Farming


Commercial goat farming is an endeavor practiced today by many especially those in the rural regions. Goats are not only important in the health of the environment but also in the economy. Goats are strong creatures that are able to resist various diseases and adapt to unfavorable environments. It is one of the income generating activities to be implemented to empower the believers to get out of poverty.


Goat farming for profit entails a low initial investment. Since goats are relatively small in size, the facilities and amenities to support them are also minimal. Goats generally love being with humans and they are extremely docile. They have a high fertility rate achieving maturity with just 5 to 6 months. The probability of producing twins is high. Risk associated with drought is less in commercial goat farming compared to other livestock breeds. Also, both male and female species of goats are of the same value compared to other animals.
Commercial goat farming is very flexible since it could be modified to include buffalo. Goats are good instruments to enhance the health of the grazing land and minimize encroachment of bushes. Farming goats is a true survivor in the business industry. Goat meat is a great appeal to the public because of the health benefits it provides to its consumers. It is extremely low in fat, cholesterol and calories. This is good for people who have low energy diet scheme.

1. To produce kids for the farm and for other farmers
2. To slaughter and pack goats for sale
3. To expand the area of operation to new areas
4. To diversify the operations to include sale of goat skin, organic farming and other related practices

In order to gain a competitive advantage, the farm will position itself internally to enable it survive in the long term. Using the SWOT analysis, the following are worth noting;

- The farm owns 2.5 acres of land to be used for a start
- Labor on the farm is cheap and available
- Wayanad wins many Schemes of State & central Govt.

- High cost of feeding especially during dry periods of the year
- Need to construct set up for stall feeding

- High and ready market of goat meat
- Good road network
- Opportunity for expansion
- Locally available materials
- Available water and power supply
- Existence of a veterinary doctor

- Price fluctuations
- Long distance to the market